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Could not put this book down!!! I have not had the pleasure of reading any of Kelsie’s books yet but oh my word do I need to go back and read the rest of this series!!!! It’s the little things that make you happy and swoon and do a happy dance! As far as I could tell you didn’t need to read the books before but oh will you want to read them after!! The love I have for authors who I have never read before is unlike anything I could describe and just after one book I’m giddy with excitement for more!

Ahh!! Freaking Sophie!!! You can tell she is young but that’s okay because I’m already too excited to see how it goes to even care because you can feel the anticipation building! (And FYI I would love to have friends like hers because I need a vacation but I’m broke. 🤣) Sophie breaks my heart a few times with her unknown parts of what’s actually happening and I got giddy but also broken hearted when I could tell things were going south. Oh Sophie! Even with her being young I really enjoyed her and her romantic self! I held out hope for something that could never happen and I felt sick for her all over again!

Dude Nathan...... ugh. As much as I wanted to hate him and despise him, burn his face or even punch his man bits; I still couldn’t help but feel him in my soul! I think I read him from the very beginning and even though I knew what was going to happen with him it still surprised the crap out of me and I cried!

I loved watching the banter with these two and Natalie, Sophie’s best friend. I’m in love with this group of people and not only am I excited to see what is next from them but I’m ecstatic that I get to go back and read from the beginning of them! What an incredibly intriguing group of people that I can’t help but fall in love with!

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Living for Today


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Oh my goodness!! From beginning to end I was in love!! Emily is amazing!! This is my first read from this author and it definitely isn’t my last!! I am hooked for so many reasons; first being the characters because having these type of characters in a book blend together so well just made me swoon! The depths of each character you get a glimpse of is unlike any that I have read before because usually it’s just a quick understanding of what they went through but seeing Emily and actually experiencing moments of panic with her brought tears to my eyes. The dialect is different than I have read because Emily is from New Zealand and I haven’t read many stories including words from her area but I was quick to catch on because it was so easily read in the story!

I’m in love with these characters and I loved watching everyone become better friends and it broke my heart at the end to watch all the tears but these types of endings leave lasting memories. I fell hard for Austin and I’m not letting him go and I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for her next book!!! Austin went from a different type of man in my eyes to super sexy man to freaking SWOON SWOON SWOON through it all and I know he has demons he is dealing with but you could just see his soul seeking a home! Such powerful supporting characters as well with Austin’s mom Grace, she held a strong hold of my heart during this book as well as a few others!

I am so honored I got to read this book! It was a little longer than I thought it was but oh ending it before I was ready would’ve been a crime. This book was meant to be this long and I CAN NOT wait to read the next one!!! You did a fantastic job Ms. Baucke and I’m a fan now!! Congrats!!


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You will not get off the edge of your seat to see how this one ends! I held my breathe for a few parts because holy cow Jacob really out did himself with Eliza! I have to say I have a favorite cover of a different book (Canvas) but my favorite book to read is this one now! I couldn’t get enough and now I still want more of them!!

Eliza is nothing like I thought she would be from what I read in the beginning!! She grows so much from that girl who goes to a Halloween party with her cousin to a woman who takes responsibility of herself and focus on finishing school! I loved watching her grow and her ability to grab peoples attention without her being anything different than herself.

Owen I wasn’t so sure I would like.... I know craziness! With that being said though he also grew quite a bit and for that he eventually won over my heart. They both really upset me a certain points throughout the book, some being so upsetting I had to stop reading for a moment but then others I could completely understand and my anger only last a shorter amount of time.

Wow Jacob! The struggles these two go through blew me away how they overcome them and usually when I’m thrown a bunch of stuff I usually get turned off of the book but every time I got hit with something I couldn’t wait to see how each person overcomes the obstacle!! Way to write one heck of a book!!! Congrats!! Loved it!!

A Christmas Dream

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I have become a really big fan of Lane Parker just from Dearest Stalker and her idea of going outside what is normal! I’m hooked!! I wasn’t sure what to expect but reading this book was so outside of the normal I couldn’t put it down!! (And I’m at work!)

Hayden was treated like crap and it hurt me to my soul to see what she was going through because I’m not a size zero either and I went through similar things she did. But she went to her beach house and she found herself there and her story just made me believe in all things! I loved that aspect of this story!

Jackson was quite a shock to meet! I wasn’t sure what some of the things he said to his brother meant until BAM, he talked to Hayden!!! Like holy crap that’s freaking HOT!!!

I’m not only excited to see more from Lane but I’m also excited to read about Hayden’s sister AMY!! (My name!) I freaking love that this book is also set in Texas which is where I’m from and I could just feel every part of this story! I held my breathe at a few parts that I got scared thing would go different but other than that SWOON!




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Ahh!! What an epic ending!!!!! Out of all of the girls I have to say Hayley is my freaking favorite!!!! I am so super sad that this series is coming to an end but what an ending it was!!! These characters has me from book one and wouldn’t let go!!!

Hayley had my heart from the beginning but she was always a supporting character that we hadn’t gotten to really know yet and boy did she knock me off my feet!! Everything about her just surprised me but also made me super proud of her and everything she’s accomplished! She is the total freaking package and boy I was hopeful for things to be so different with her and this incredible author wrote some talented shit!!!

Dante..... oh the man of few words made me need to change my underwear so many times!! I couldn’t put this book down because every encounter made me hotter and hotter and I just needed to see what would happen the next time. As bad as this sounds... I wasn’t sure I would actually like Dante. 😳 I know! I know! Craziness! But I got infuriated with him and freaking several other people during some horrible times of this book! I wanted to scream I got so kissed off and him! Luckily I have a hopeful heart and held off cutting off his balls to see what he would do!!

EPIC! Just best ending and best series! Every time I picked up these books I was swept away to a local bar with these hunk of men that knew how to smile and sweep these women off their feet! I’m so damn excited for everyone to read about them and make this a best seller!! Congrats Katie!!! You did an amazing job with these books and I can’t wait to see what you do next!!

Bad Candy Part 2


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Wow!! What a hell of an ending!!!! I was extremely skeptical at the beginning because I knew things could end badly but I really really liked Renee and my dreams for her just were too overwhelming to ignore. Part one was incredibly hot would put me on edge but part two had me not only hot but also extremely giddy for Renee in all aspects of her life. Although the one I was particularly giddy for may have not ended how I had hoped....

Things with Cam and Renee went a different road than I expected!! Some of the models that Cam knew came back into the picture and boy was I NOT happy! You could feel the hurt in Renee’s heart but also the torture Cam was feeling under his skin!

With so many new things happening with Renee’s life I felt like Tom would always just be around the corner to come to the rescue. I loved this writing and the way everything flowed together! I LOVE how Cam reflects on things at the end and I love how even during the tough parts you could still see the light. What a great way to end this two part book!!! 💜💜

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Love love love new to me authors!!! I don’t know how I haven’t read her before but this book was amazing! I was up and down, angry one minute and then super excited the next! I don’t like books that could involve cheating in any way but this book was much more than I thought it would be!

At the beginning I was in the blind not knowing what happened and feeling so frustrated about things not being explained but man when they were explained I felt horrible and then didn’t want to know. I feel like I got to know Keir more than Poppy which made me love him and his heartbreaking self! So many times I was shocked by him, Poppy or even Elliott and am jumping at the bit to find out about what is going on with Elliott!!!!!!! 😳😳😳

I enjoyed this book from beginning to end regardless of how frustrated it made me feel. I think the frustration made me love the whole story even more!!

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Fixing Him

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Oh man!! The amount of laughter and my smile this book has given me throughout my quick read was incredible. I freaking loved this book and Miranda completely outdid herself with Montana!!!

Montana is such a fun loving, free spirited and caring person who melts my heart just as much as Kermie (her pet) does!!! The introduction to her was one I will remember because I laughed and snorted my butt off when she got back into Clement’s car!! I honestly couldn’t find one thing I didn’t like about this woman and I usually am not 100% in with characters but I loved all of them!!! I think my favorites have to be Kermie and Ellie though.....OH OR OR Tex!!! Omg, see so many amazing characters you definitely need to read about!!

You definitely have some sexy moments that left me day dreaming of my own but also so many sweet and funny moments. She also hits you with some nail bitter moments but in whole this book has everything you could want in a read! This wasn’t my first read from this author and I am ready to jump into the next thing she has for us!!! Way to bring all my emotions throughout one book!!! I loved it!!!

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Unspoken Words


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Holy cow!! I never expected this book to take on these events. No words can really express my feelings towards this book. I am a bit speechless. I have to say that this awesome is knew to me and swept me off my feet!

Jamie just makes me swoon and the fact that he is apart of such a close group and has this awesome girl as his best friend just warms me up. You always see those friends to lovers book but for me I don’t really connect with them too much. Their stories are basically friends one minute and then together the next, this book is unlike anything I really have read. It swept me off my feel by making me fall in love with Jamie and Camryn and then swift foot in my face left me feeling broken. The emotions I felt throughout this book were so real I thought this was a true thing happening in front of me. That I was a witness to because of how each emotion, each act, each words said or not spoken rang in my head! I felt like my hand was over my mouth for a good portion of this book because I was so shocked!!!

Way to go Ms. Davenport!! I’m hooked!! I have to see what happens with each member of this group and try to get glimpses of Jamie again! I am so impressed with your writing and the ability to bring real life issues to light and show how each woman matters. Inspiring book!

Next In Line


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Amazingly awesome and so freaking cute!!!

This author doesn’t write like most authors and while I’m here swooning, I’m giggling like crazy because of what’s going on. I have read some rom coms but the banter between Sam and Maggie is so unique that it just brings a smile on my face even during the crazy parts towards the end!!

I am full on in love with Sam!! Like hardcore fallen for him.... and I know I know he’s not a commitment type but just the way he is with his family will make you drool!!! I know he’s had some rough times but that has just made him into the incredibly sexy man he has become. I loved watching him get distracted and teaching Maggie!

Maggie was a bit annoying at first and the reason behind her change had me so angry I was holding my phone each time she talked about it!!! I understand her pain though because we were all young at one time and thought things needed to be different. She quickly became so fun to read about and laugh at though!

What a story to watch happen! The imagination Amy has is pretty intoxicating to read about!!!! Each book pulls me in more to the Amy Daws experience and I feel the need to own every ebook and paperback!! Congrats on this release and I will be waiting eagerly to see what you come up with next!!


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Okay I know I’m going to get backlash from this but I haven’t read Wuthering Heights. I know I know.... I just haven’t, it was required when I was in school and no one has really said I needed to read it so it’s not on my list to read. But I am curious now after reading Kristi’s and Nikki’s book because they give so much life into this read that I was overwhelmed. Losing track of time and reality while reading because I was so lost in the love thrown around to each character!

I’m not sure how much to talk about each character because I don’t want to give anything away if you haven’t read it but each moment is break taking! I feel in love with Heath, Catrina, Harrison, Cat, Helen, eventually Elliot and even Finn but Theo upset me while Emily annoyed me; so there is a little look into each.

I’m speechless about the writing, I think this is was put together so smoothly and written so poetically. I would get so wrapped up and then it would pop back to Emily who I had no idea who she was and then I would try to guess who she means to the characters but would come up short during the next chapter; or even scared about what she could mean from the next chapters!! I loved the unknown about this whole book and couldn’t put it down!! Congrats!!! Please write another one together because this was epic!

Through the Mist

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GAH!!!! So freaking good!!! Yes!! This is how a debut book should be written!! I’m so freaking excited for everyone to read this book!! I am in love with finding new authors and this new author BLEW MY MIND!!! I love a good paranormal book but I haven’t read many that has all of my undivided attention to where I lose track of myself. Things would happen in my life but I wasn’t sure if it actually happened or if it was a moment in the book that I thought was my own.

Ros (Rosalind) was everything a character should be and the growth you see in her is so inspiring to witness!! I was annoyed at first with her just sitting by and letting life happen without her but the more I got to know her the more I understood! Her marriage to Dan was an emotional one to watch and the strength she had to have to stay present was hard to watch. Dan on the other hand pissed me off more and more throughout the book and I was so upset. Meeting Ros’ best friend Jos made me laugh out loud so much and helped with the ache I had for her to have someone in her life who could be present. Then Archer came into the picture and changed everything I thought a friend could be.

I loved this book so much and I loved the growth of each character showed, even if it wasn’t a growth in a good way. I am in awe of the fact that this is your first book because this book has so much depth first books don’t usually contain. Congrats on the amazingly inspiring book!!



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Marley is so captivating in her writing and it makes me feel like I am either apart of that character or that I am watching it play out from right next to me. It’s been a while since I have read about Jagger and Emerson so jumping into reading about Hendrix took me a little bit to remember but as soon as I did, it came flooding back quickly. My hopes for the sexy twin brother shot through the roof and spiked during moments of a glimpse into Sasha’s thoughts.

The more I learned about Hendrix and everything that happened between the three of them made me fall in love with him even more. As much as I want to reveal more I don’t want to ruin anything by giving away too much, therefore I’ll only leave you with a few thoughts. As much as I didn’t understand Sasha I have so many hopes for her, while at the same time have similar hopes for Hendrix. Hendrix is more than I thought could be possible and during this book he just gets sexier and sexier throughout. You saw sexy moments along with serious, lighthearted, and even angry but nothing else mattered in the love moments.

Marley, you out do yourself every time you write. Each time something magical and inspiring happens each time you produce a book. I feel like I am transported into the world you have created for these characters and that is incredible.

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