Just Once

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Being my first read from this author I’m definitely intrigued by his writing! It is a short read and you jump right into the drama with this friends to lovers read. I was only put off by one aspect of this book and it’s not the authors fault but my own personal opinion which I try not to take that out on my rating.

The book is written in a different point of view than I use to and took me a minute but I quickly got the gist after the first chapter. I do have to say that Faye is like most typical girls now days. I couldn’t believe how bold she was to do what she did....part of me wanted to believe something crazy would’ve happened, like her being questioned by the police but that didn’t happen, something crazier happened.

Terry.... or poor Terry has gotten in a pickle with his best friend and considering their friendship and many other issues I saw the ending coming. What I didn’t see coming is that end end of the book coming! But that does make me antsy for the next book though. Even though I do have some issues with the book, the writing style and the overall FREAKING HOT of this book has me wanting more!!! I would’ve liked a little more about the friends and more in Terry’s mind before the book ended and before the drama started but it was intense.

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The Kiss Thief


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This may get some backlash for my opinion but I am giving a very generous 4 stars but I would probably go 3.5 if I’m being honest. I freaking love Leigh so hardcore but I just couldn’t get into this one. I knew it might be a difficult read for me but I nearly stopped reading about 65% through.

I did not like Francesca at all. I hate to say it but she was whiny and so annoying! I understood she was is horrible situations but even when those situations turned good she spit on it in disgust. I grew so angry that I wanted to throw up when she was talking to Angelo in the rain. I read that part and got so sick I had to stop reading all together. She grew up in the last chapter and epilogue but I could not stand her 19 year old self being the way she had been. I could possibly be taking this too much to heart but I did not like her. And the notes.......she took the notes so freaking literal and I just got fed up!

Now Wolfe, holy hotness!!! I got to read both sides and understand his actions more than Francesca did so in some parts I didn’t hate her as much but her age showed and I didn’t like it. Wolfe knew exactly what he wanted and how he was going to get it. He made me fall for him while he was being the way he was to his bride. I loved him fiercely at their introduction and knew he would be a hell of a character!!!

I am so sorry that I didn’t like this book as most did but I really disliked Angelo and so many characters in this book. I wish you nothing but the best with this book. This just wasn’t for me. You came across cheating, abuse, death, violence, blackmail and even some love but the one I couldn’t get passed was the first....cheating. It’s a no go for me.

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O Come, All Ye Sinners

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Thunderstruck was so freaking hot and I blew my mind wild! I haven’t read from MariaLisa deMora and I am ashamed because her writing just had me squirming in my seat from the beginning!! Now I need more!!! What a way to begin the book! Loved it

Out of Sight by Giana Darling was oh my goodness crazy! Shocked, nervous, turned on and ready for more were just a few of the emotions I felt during this part of the book! Wow! I need more of these two because holy moly that was crazy and freaking hot as heck!!

Hellraiser’s Reckoning messed with me so bad!! Like Amo Jones always messes with my head but she gets me and always writes what I need! I can’t believe the stuff Melissa goes through and I would have the same thoughts she did because OMG it’s Hella!! Ahhh!! I need more!!

Okay, honesty... I didn’t like the beginning of Hollow Heart by Anne Malcom. I just thought it was too much in her head and I understand but dang when we get to the 😳 spot, I was speechless. As twisted as it sounds I think this was my favorite of all the short books. I think I’m in love with Scarlett and I definitely can’t wait to find out more about what happens with the club!

Long Time Coming by Chantal Fernando was actually my least favorite because of the build up and then the ending wasn't as big a the build up would like you to think it was going to be. I haven't read from this author yet and I was extremely excited to read from her because of all the praises she has gotten and don't get me wrong the story was great and I really really liked April and her ability to take care of herself but the build up wasn't what I thought it would be in the end. Left me pretty disappointed that it would end the whole thing like the way it did. I will definitely look into other books by this author and see if things are different.

Several of these authors I have never read before and I will assure you wont be my last because they just tapped into a part of my heart that will forever be dark! I had a few issues with some of the authors but this was a great book and made me fall more in love with darker reads!

Lines (Greyford High, #1)


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I really really enjoyed this book!! I know I only gave 4 stars and that really bums me out but I am not sure how much I like the idea of this book. Please don’t get me wrong I really REALLY loved reading it and I can’t wait to read the next one of this series but I just didn’t like watching her get bullied and no one really doing anything about it. I loved almost all of the supporting characters and man did Andrew freaking surprise the crap out of me!!!!

Jeanette was a rockstar and I loved meeting her and watching the way she reacted to the girls!! Amelia (love that name!!) was a main character that to me didn’t seem like she should have been bullied. But I guess you can never really tell who is bullied in the first place. I saw myself in this girl so much, even the Harry Potter fan (which I am currently watching because of this book!), and that’s why I think it pissed me off so much. She may not think she is strong but going to school everyday and just being there proves she has strength. I knew I would also fall in love with Max!! I have a thing for bikers!

I really loved how the author showed so many different sides to each character and the growth of each one. Being in high school and dealing with these issues is tough and to add to your insecurities just buries you alive. Congrats on this greatly written book!!

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An Autumn in Paris


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This author is new to me but the idea of this story had me guessing what could happen. I had immediately fallen in love with Liviu and Mano!! Even with them being supporting characters made this story come together! I had a few issues with some words I didn’t understand since the book is set in Paris but as with all books, I was expecting that to happen.

A few parts that had me questioning some moments were that it took a while for us to find out what happened to Liviu’s dad and I understand that it was part of the build up but that frustrated the crap out of me. I loved the friendship Liviu’s mom, Dana, had with the vet and Manon. The relationship she has with Manon is the type we wish all our friendship could amount to and the fact that she becomes close friends with the vet made my heart so happy. The build up of this story, the missing people from their lives and the romance made for a very intense and intriguing book. I strongly disliked a certain person in this book and what happened with this person is the main reason for the star being taken away. I got super angry and upset I thought about not finishing. The ending also felt rushed to me, we had this amazing build up and reveal but then the HEA got very rushed. Great effort ad story! I loved this idea!!

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We All Fall Down


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Not what I was expecting!!! Logan is such a talented writer and you can always connect with his characters on deeper levels but I felt something missing from this one. I’m a huge fan of dark reads and while this one has some pretty twist shit happen throughout the book that has you saying “No Shit!” Out loud but I still felt it could’ve gone a littler darker. While I understand Logan hasn’t written a dark dark book I guess I had my hopes set ridiculously high. I love all of Logan’s books and while I am a big fan of Evan and his hot self this wasn’t my top read from him.

Evan is all man and I love his character hardcore!! I love the unknown that is Evan and his manly self!!! I even love Bella but during times I didn’t like her that much because of certain events I didn’t understand. The push and pull these two have of sexual tension and the electricity they expel from one another has you squeezing those thighs together whenever that tension is ready to snap! I dislikes Alex so much it isn’t even funny!! But even with all of that the ending was NOT what I was expecting and blew my mind!! I love the flashbacks and how Logan just puts you in the mood!! This bestseller wasn’t quite what I was hoping for but it’s a book you have to read to understand the shock of what Logan throws at you!!

Bad Candy

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Wow!! This was my first read from this author and let me tell you..... holy hotness!! I love this type of read, my sisters best friend, but I haven’t read many and so it was very refreshing.

A few aspects of this story was a little off for me such as Kelsa’s job profession... there are times when it’s talked about but we don’t really know what it is until the very end and that was a little annoying. Another one is the part about Kelsa’s boyfriend Drex has an ex of some sort; that whole thing confused the shit out of me and I think could have been better explained. But getting to know Renee and her love her fashion while getting to know Cam.

Parts about Renee really annoyed me and upset me about certain men in her life but Cam also has some annoying and manwhore ways about him I did not like. But the sexual tension between Renee and Cam were off the charts hot as fuck. I can’t wait to see what else happens with these two!!

Added to review after more research...

This book should have had a few more defining aspects of their lives if it is meant to be a standalone. Personally I would have liked to have read about some of their backstories from the beginning.


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The anticipation with this book is agonizing!! This author has pulled me into her world of Everhart Brothers and I’m completely swept away. The journey each brother has taken is such a struggle but when they finally overcome their insecurities, pain or even their own beliefs it’s incredible to read. I applaud this author and her talent for writing not only such nail biting scenes but also writing with such devotion and love I could feel throughout each story. No matter what each person was going through I could still feel an overpowering amount of love for each other.

I think Hazel is my favorite person but also the one I disliked the most. Her struggle with her ex Elliot is one I could completely understand because of the way things were left but what she did to each man hurt my heart so much. Watching her go through so much pain about her parents in Santa Cruz but then also watch the pain about her love she trusted with each man to just be tossed aside, my chest hurt so bad for her throughout but also was angry with her.

I had so many mixed feeling about Elliot it was unreal! I wanted to hate him at the beginning but I felt so bad for what he was going through I secretly wanted him to win the girl. But, then his stupidity would show and I didn’t want her to fall back in love with him.

Scott on the other hand held my heart from the beginning. Scott is the glue that holds is family together since their parents death but what holds him together is her and my whole heart wanted to believe they were meant for each other. While Scott held my heart and I applauded him for his actions I still wanted to smack him in the head to tell him just run away with her and be happy but he was smarter than I was and knew he couldn’t be happy unless she made the decision. I waited and waited but the longer he stayed away the more I grew scared and when I got to the end it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be between all of them.

I need Fitzhenry’s story and to know if this man finds his sole mate. Fitz makes me laugh and I love his relationship with Hazel!! He is her hero at times when she needed it the most. I am so grateful that I got to read this series because it makes me feel so much during each book!! I would recommend all who enjoy reading about love and life read this series!!


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I’m actually a little exhausted after reading that book. This is a brand new author to me and as much as I knew about this book before reading it, I didn’t realize the extent of all the emotions I would be experiencing. I do have to applaud this author for being true and expressing herself in a way I have never read.

Willow is all over the place and at first I didn’t really understand and I was super annoyed with her at times. I didn’t understand.... I have had my own issues with mental health and I understood some of the things she was thinking about herself but I don’t think anyone truly knows what’s going on with themselves. I really loved finally understanding her story and seeing the chances in her life especially when it came to the Everhart brothers.

Hunter isn’t what I expected him to be and I’m not sure where or why I assumed he would be different than he was but he was way better, even at the beginning, than I assumed. Even though he still has his struggles at the beginning you could see the want to be different than he is everyday. The development of his character swept me away almost immediately. But just the idea of having all the brothers become a part of my family is what I think I craved the most. Having these fiercely protective men standing guard made me wish my brothers were different.

Even though I am exhausted from reading Willow and Hunter’s story I am extremely excited to see who is next and see how these men carry on with their lives. I really loved the knowledge this book puts out about each of their disorders and speaks volume about how much research and respect this author has for her readers. I appreciate the dedication and time you took to make sure to get each detail exactly correct or as close to correct as she could.

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