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I’m actually a little exhausted after reading that book. This is a brand new author to me and as much as I knew about this book before reading it, I didn’t realize the extent of all the emotions I would be experiencing. I do have to applaud this author for being true and expressing herself in a way I have never read.

Willow is all over the place and at first I didn’t really understand and I was super annoyed with her at times. I didn’t understand.... I have had my own issues with mental health and I understood some of the things she was thinking about herself but I don’t think anyone truly knows what’s going on with themselves. I really loved finally understanding her story and seeing the chances in her life especially when it came to the Everhart brothers.

Hunter isn’t what I expected him to be and I’m not sure where or why I assumed he would be different than he was but he was way better, even at the beginning, than I assumed. Even though he still has his struggles at the beginning you could see the want to be different than he is everyday. The development of his character swept me away almost immediately. But just the idea of having all the brothers become a part of my family is what I think I craved the most. Having these fiercely protective men standing guard made me wish my brothers were different.

Even though I am exhausted from reading Willow and Hunter’s story I am extremely excited to see who is next and see how these men carry on with their lives. I really loved the knowledge this book puts out about each of their disorders and speaks volume about how much research and respect this author has for her readers. I appreciate the dedication and time you took to make sure to get each detail exactly correct or as close to correct as she could.

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