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The anticipation with this book is agonizing!! This author has pulled me into her world of Everhart Brothers and I’m completely swept away. The journey each brother has taken is such a struggle but when they finally overcome their insecurities, pain or even their own beliefs it’s incredible to read. I applaud this author and her talent for writing not only such nail biting scenes but also writing with such devotion and love I could feel throughout each story. No matter what each person was going through I could still feel an overpowering amount of love for each other.

I think Hazel is my favorite person but also the one I disliked the most. Her struggle with her ex Elliot is one I could completely understand because of the way things were left but what she did to each man hurt my heart so much. Watching her go through so much pain about her parents in Santa Cruz but then also watch the pain about her love she trusted with each man to just be tossed aside, my chest hurt so bad for her throughout but also was angry with her.

I had so many mixed feeling about Elliot it was unreal! I wanted to hate him at the beginning but I felt so bad for what he was going through I secretly wanted him to win the girl. But, then his stupidity would show and I didn’t want her to fall back in love with him.

Scott on the other hand held my heart from the beginning. Scott is the glue that holds is family together since their parents death but what holds him together is her and my whole heart wanted to believe they were meant for each other. While Scott held my heart and I applauded him for his actions I still wanted to smack him in the head to tell him just run away with her and be happy but he was smarter than I was and knew he couldn’t be happy unless she made the decision. I waited and waited but the longer he stayed away the more I grew scared and when I got to the end it wasn’t anything like I thought it would be between all of them.

I need Fitzhenry’s story and to know if this man finds his sole mate. Fitz makes me laugh and I love his relationship with Hazel!! He is her hero at times when she needed it the most. I am so grateful that I got to read this series because it makes me feel so much during each book!! I would recommend all who enjoy reading about love and life read this series!!