Bad Candy

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Wow!! This was my first read from this author and let me tell you..... holy hotness!! I love this type of read, my sisters best friend, but I haven’t read many and so it was very refreshing.

A few aspects of this story was a little off for me such as Kelsa’s job profession... there are times when it’s talked about but we don’t really know what it is until the very end and that was a little annoying. Another one is the part about Kelsa’s boyfriend Drex has an ex of some sort; that whole thing confused the shit out of me and I think could have been better explained. But getting to know Renee and her love her fashion while getting to know Cam.

Parts about Renee really annoyed me and upset me about certain men in her life but Cam also has some annoying and manwhore ways about him I did not like. But the sexual tension between Renee and Cam were off the charts hot as fuck. I can’t wait to see what else happens with these two!!

Added to review after more research...

This book should have had a few more defining aspects of their lives if it is meant to be a standalone. Personally I would have liked to have read about some of their backstories from the beginning.