We All Fall Down


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Not what I was expecting!!! Logan is such a talented writer and you can always connect with his characters on deeper levels but I felt something missing from this one. I’m a huge fan of dark reads and while this one has some pretty twist shit happen throughout the book that has you saying “No Shit!” Out loud but I still felt it could’ve gone a littler darker. While I understand Logan hasn’t written a dark dark book I guess I had my hopes set ridiculously high. I love all of Logan’s books and while I am a big fan of Evan and his hot self this wasn’t my top read from him.

Evan is all man and I love his character hardcore!! I love the unknown that is Evan and his manly self!!! I even love Bella but during times I didn’t like her that much because of certain events I didn’t understand. The push and pull these two have of sexual tension and the electricity they expel from one another has you squeezing those thighs together whenever that tension is ready to snap! I dislikes Alex so much it isn’t even funny!! But even with all of that the ending was NOT what I was expecting and blew my mind!! I love the flashbacks and how Logan just puts you in the mood!! This bestseller wasn’t quite what I was hoping for but it’s a book you have to read to understand the shock of what Logan throws at you!!