An Autumn in Paris


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This author is new to me but the idea of this story had me guessing what could happen. I had immediately fallen in love with Liviu and Mano!! Even with them being supporting characters made this story come together! I had a few issues with some words I didn’t understand since the book is set in Paris but as with all books, I was expecting that to happen.

A few parts that had me questioning some moments were that it took a while for us to find out what happened to Liviu’s dad and I understand that it was part of the build up but that frustrated the crap out of me. I loved the friendship Liviu’s mom, Dana, had with the vet and Manon. The relationship she has with Manon is the type we wish all our friendship could amount to and the fact that she becomes close friends with the vet made my heart so happy. The build up of this story, the missing people from their lives and the romance made for a very intense and intriguing book. I strongly disliked a certain person in this book and what happened with this person is the main reason for the star being taken away. I got super angry and upset I thought about not finishing. The ending also felt rushed to me, we had this amazing build up and reveal but then the HEA got very rushed. Great effort ad story! I loved this idea!!

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