Lines (Greyford High, #1)


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I really really enjoyed this book!! I know I only gave 4 stars and that really bums me out but I am not sure how much I like the idea of this book. Please don’t get me wrong I really REALLY loved reading it and I can’t wait to read the next one of this series but I just didn’t like watching her get bullied and no one really doing anything about it. I loved almost all of the supporting characters and man did Andrew freaking surprise the crap out of me!!!!

Jeanette was a rockstar and I loved meeting her and watching the way she reacted to the girls!! Amelia (love that name!!) was a main character that to me didn’t seem like she should have been bullied. But I guess you can never really tell who is bullied in the first place. I saw myself in this girl so much, even the Harry Potter fan (which I am currently watching because of this book!), and that’s why I think it pissed me off so much. She may not think she is strong but going to school everyday and just being there proves she has strength. I knew I would also fall in love with Max!! I have a thing for bikers!

I really loved how the author showed so many different sides to each character and the growth of each one. Being in high school and dealing with these issues is tough and to add to your insecurities just buries you alive. Congrats on this greatly written book!!

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