O Come, All Ye Sinners

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Thunderstruck was so freaking hot and I blew my mind wild! I haven’t read from MariaLisa deMora and I am ashamed because her writing just had me squirming in my seat from the beginning!! Now I need more!!! What a way to begin the book! Loved it

Out of Sight by Giana Darling was oh my goodness crazy! Shocked, nervous, turned on and ready for more were just a few of the emotions I felt during this part of the book! Wow! I need more of these two because holy moly that was crazy and freaking hot as heck!!

Hellraiser’s Reckoning messed with me so bad!! Like Amo Jones always messes with my head but she gets me and always writes what I need! I can’t believe the stuff Melissa goes through and I would have the same thoughts she did because OMG it’s Hella!! Ahhh!! I need more!!

Okay, honesty... I didn’t like the beginning of Hollow Heart by Anne Malcom. I just thought it was too much in her head and I understand but dang when we get to the 😳 spot, I was speechless. As twisted as it sounds I think this was my favorite of all the short books. I think I’m in love with Scarlett and I definitely can’t wait to find out more about what happens with the club!

Long Time Coming by Chantal Fernando was actually my least favorite because of the build up and then the ending wasn't as big a the build up would like you to think it was going to be. I haven't read from this author yet and I was extremely excited to read from her because of all the praises she has gotten and don't get me wrong the story was great and I really really liked April and her ability to take care of herself but the build up wasn't what I thought it would be in the end. Left me pretty disappointed that it would end the whole thing like the way it did. I will definitely look into other books by this author and see if things are different.

Several of these authors I have never read before and I will assure you wont be my last because they just tapped into a part of my heart that will forever be dark! I had a few issues with some of the authors but this was a great book and made me fall more in love with darker reads!