Just Once

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Being my first read from this author I’m definitely intrigued by his writing! It is a short read and you jump right into the drama with this friends to lovers read. I was only put off by one aspect of this book and it’s not the authors fault but my own personal opinion which I try not to take that out on my rating.

The book is written in a different point of view than I use to and took me a minute but I quickly got the gist after the first chapter. I do have to say that Faye is like most typical girls now days. I couldn’t believe how bold she was to do what she did....part of me wanted to believe something crazy would’ve happened, like her being questioned by the police but that didn’t happen, something crazier happened.

Terry.... or poor Terry has gotten in a pickle with his best friend and considering their friendship and many other issues I saw the ending coming. What I didn’t see coming is that end end of the book coming! But that does make me antsy for the next book though. Even though I do have some issues with the book, the writing style and the overall FREAKING HOT of this book has me wanting more!!! I would’ve liked a little more about the friends and more in Terry’s mind before the book ended and before the drama started but it was intense.

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