Sweet On Love

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I have to say I had a hard time reading this book and it has nothing to do with the writing or the author but everything to do with losing my own mom. I haven’t read from this author and I’m not even sure what her story is but all the emotions Sadie experienced in dealing with her loss was spot on. The point of view was different and each time you weren’t told who was going to be the voice but you could tell and even though I usually don’t like that it was fairly easy to tell from the beginning of each chapter and didn’t effect my reading.

I felt Sadie’s emotions and the first time she sees Logan and their interaction made my heart sing! Watching Sadie struggle with a passion she loves because it hurts to do without the person you love is so heartbreaking. I got gutted so many times in the beginning because of the struggle and even though she had great eye candy it still wasn’t enough. You can see the ache Logan feels while looking at a heartbroken Sadie and it just makes you cry for everyone.

This series is so great and I’m loving it... my only concern is I wasn’t given a specific order to read them and in this book she talks about other couples and I’m afraid it may have been ruined. I hate spoilers and so if it wasn’t a spoiler then that’s great but I’ll just have to wait and see. (I will update my review to let everyone know.)

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