All My Life


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For an author to take her time with each book she puts out you can only hope that all the build up to each book is like nothing you have ever read....
Prescott Lane is an incredible author who I eagerly grab her book each time I know she’s going to release one because I KNOW she will deliver an epic book. This one had me worried like no other, excited for more each chapter, scared for the future, in tears over the amount of love this town and characters have for each other that is will be the book to read of the year. Everyone needs to read this book!

Devlyn is one amazing woman who is the best friend you hope you have in your life. She sticks by Garrett and Mia for the entire time that she is needed and even more than that she wants to be there. I loved getting to know her and see her grow as a woman who knows what she wants and even in the end when she does what she does out of love. Cried HARD!!!

Mia, Garrett’s daughter, sounds like an impressive young lady who grows up in this small town with everyone having a hand in helping raise her. Small town life is amazing but can also leave you without an opened mind to more. Mia is different than most girls and at moments got upset with some of the things she says but could totally see a teenage girl saying those things without thinking they could hurt anyone. I did it and I have regrets.

Garrett is the dad in a small town and a single dad who had all eyes on him most of the time. He was a young dad who did his best for his one and only girl in his life, his daughter. The way these two would interact would have everyone wishing they had that type of relationship with their father.

I had so many emotions during this book but end the end I always had love. Love for the people of this small town, love of Garrett and even love of Garrett’s dad, Edward. I love that Prescott had such an amazing story to tell of not only Garrett but of the entire town in some small form. I truly felt like I was sitting in my house in that town reading and would soon walk out to the latticework on the houses. Thank you for some inspiring words! Congrats on this best seller!

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