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I love taboo so much more than I thought I would and so now that I have found these awesome taboo treats I’ve become obsessed! Ms. Webster’s amazing writing and the ability to suck you into a story is amazing overwhelmingly intoxicating. Every. Single. TIME!

Dane blew me away in more ways than most of the other taboo treats because of the dynamic of their relationship. Getting to know the man Dane and his power that he possesses, as far as in his role of a top lawyer was sexy as hell. But then you meet Nick and even as you meet him you know that you will be swept away by the man’s eyes. I loved their first encounter and will possibly be my favorite as fair as a first meetings go.

Nick is the type of man you have to get to know because you can just immediately tell he is passionate about his friends and kids. I grew super attached to him and every heartache he felt, I felt.

The amount of sexual encounters was super hot and so detailed I felt like I was in the room watching. Lol Every time a look was shared my pulse would skyrocket because I knew what was coming...
Ms. Webster you are a genius when it comes to taboo writing and I freaking love love LOVE IT!!! Please keep doing what you are doing and giving me so many taboo treats because these are the books that bring me out of my funk!! 💜💜💜 congrats!!

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