Bad Candy Part 2


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Wow!! What a hell of an ending!!!! I was extremely skeptical at the beginning because I knew things could end badly but I really really liked Renee and my dreams for her just were too overwhelming to ignore. Part one was incredibly hot would put me on edge but part two had me not only hot but also extremely giddy for Renee in all aspects of her life. Although the one I was particularly giddy for may have not ended how I had hoped....

Things with Cam and Renee went a different road than I expected!! Some of the models that Cam knew came back into the picture and boy was I NOT happy! You could feel the hurt in Renee’s heart but also the torture Cam was feeling under his skin!

With so many new things happening with Renee’s life I felt like Tom would always just be around the corner to come to the rescue. I loved this writing and the way everything flowed together! I LOVE how Cam reflects on things at the end and I love how even during the tough parts you could still see the light. What a great way to end this two part book!!! 💜💜

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