Not So Nice Guy

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So many feels throughout this book!! I couldn’t put it down, even during the rough moments when I wanted to pummel Sam! This amazing author never disappoints and it’s always so refreshing to read something that turns into one of the top reads of the year!

Sam really upset me quite a few times and understanding the true Sam is what really made me keep reading because I wasn’t put in those situations. Sam made me laugh so much and her interactions with Nicolas made me snort out a laugh after every conversation. 

Ian, that hunk of a man Ian, just made me swoon the ENTIRE time during this book!!! From the beginning to end he just kept doing 

things for his best friend that made me wish and hope and beg for things to be different. But I loved their friendship and the closeness they have to one another that most people don’t have. He is 100% the man of everyone’s dreams; hot, smart, funny, caring, athletic, respectful and so much more that will make you swoon!!

I applaud you Rachel because this book was everything I needed!! I laughed, I swooned and I even got angry at not just the main characters but at some of the PTA ladies and it was just everything! I have loved everyone of your books that I have read but this one is at the top for me and I can’t wait to have a paperback copy in my collection!! Congrats on this bestseller!!

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