The Glue

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I think I’m becoming obsessed with K Webster and her amazing taboo books! I have weird likes and have noticed that it’s common for everyone to be into things like what is on this book! My best friend introduced me to this incredible author and Ms. Webster can freaking write so hauntingly sexy books!

From the beginning I remembered reading about Aiden in Lawn Boys and was just mesmerized by him and his innocence. Aiden may have been feeling out his feelings about his sexual preferences but he found himself in this book! Aiden is all male and dominating, which made me all tingly, and I could read about him fast enough!! But Aiden is so much more than just sexy; he’s sweet, attentive and is so much smarter than he gets credit.

Vale broke my heart for more than one reason but mainly because I knew EXACTLY how she felt about Vaughn BUT where things with her marriage were falling apart, mine grew stronger. I may not have gone the way she did but the longing for a family I understand more than most.

Ahh!! I’m in love with these characters!! I LOVE taboo and this scenario has my heart!!! I’m so excited for everyone to read this and become obsessed with this talented author!!!

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