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The start of this book tore my heart up and I was actually pretty nervous to continue reading. The pain you felt even in the first chapter set a pretty high standard for emotions and I was afraid the momentum would lose its strength.

Completely wrong!

Not only did the momentum of this book build to extreme, you also get swept up in the overwhelming sensation to swoon and drool! Elliott grows emotionally from beginning to end and I was overcome with proud feelings to shot my happiness for her! Duke turns out to be half what I expected and half shockingly sexy and romantic. Even though I don’t think he opens himself as much as Elliott does, you can still feel the vulnerability deep in his bones.

Duke rocked my world and Elliott made my heart sing but the two who stole my heart were Bailey and Brooke!! Hands down loved those two and the ending just made me cry with happy tears!! I am absolutely ready to find out what’s going on with Lucy!!! She’s driving me crazy!!! Congrats on this soon to be best seller!! 💜

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