A Valentine's Dream

I feel like I had a special connection with this book because not only is my name Amy but I am a big girl with a smaller husband. Every time I read a Lane Parker book it just seems to connect to me in ways I have never connected with a book. I feel so honored to be given the chance to read for her and give my honest review!

Amy is so much like me it was a little scary at times but I freaking loved it! I could feel the vulnerability in her sometimes even when she was trying to sound strong. I loved seeing her growth and the connection she has with her sister just makes my heart so giddy and loved!

Levi actually won me over quite early and even though Amy was in denial, I could feel the pull to him. I lost count at how many times I swooned and cried and got all hot and bothered but it was completely sexy to read this story!! Levi is an inspiring man to read about and a freaking gentleman you don’t see that often anymore, even in books!

Congrats on writing another best seller and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!! Each book just gets better and better no matter the topics!!! I love that my name is in this book and I can’t wait to own my own paperback!!

Amy Sign Off_sm.png