Oh goodness!! How you sometimes forget the love of a genre you have when you don’t read it for a long time. This is a brand new author to me and I was so lucky enough to get an advanced copy! Ember you have opened my heart back up to paranormal and I couldn’t be more ecstatic!!!

The beginning hit me pretty crazily and I was in love and shock from then on, not putting my phone down when I should’ve. Connell is a pretty tempting man from the beginning and watching him become aware of what he didn’t know about made everything seem so intense. Not only did his need to show his alpha but his vulnerability side showed some and made me swoon all over again. I have never really cared about some of the paranormal in this book but putting them all together just made this story so much more than I thought it would be!

Breena is a character I was unsure of because I haven’t actually read about her kind and she had me questioning myself... but in the end she is THE rockstar! Seeing her work and using her powers made me tingle just thinking about how it affected them.

I LOVE how you see so many characters and it didn’t feel overwhelming! Normally with something like this I would’ve felt it was too much and too many moving parts to keep track of but that wasn’t the case. You had moving parts but damn were they great parts! I went to fucking SHOCKED AS HELL to swooning then to laughing my butt off and so many different emotions you couldn’t pass up. Some parts are way more shocking than I thought would be but my twisted mind loved every moment!! Heck YES I need the next!!! Heck of a book!!

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Through the Mist

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GAH!!!! So freaking good!!! Yes!! This is how a debut book should be written!! I’m so freaking excited for everyone to read this book!! I am in love with finding new authors and this new author BLEW MY MIND!!! I love a good paranormal book but I haven’t read many that has all of my undivided attention to where I lose track of myself. Things would happen in my life but I wasn’t sure if it actually happened or if it was a moment in the book that I thought was my own.

Ros (Rosalind) was everything a character should be and the growth you see in her is so inspiring to witness!! I was annoyed at first with her just sitting by and letting life happen without her but the more I got to know her the more I understood! Her marriage to Dan was an emotional one to watch and the strength she had to have to stay present was hard to watch. Dan on the other hand pissed me off more and more throughout the book and I was so upset. Meeting Ros’ best friend Jos made me laugh out loud so much and helped with the ache I had for her to have someone in her life who could be present. Then Archer came into the picture and changed everything I thought a friend could be.

I loved this book so much and I loved the growth of each character showed, even if it wasn’t a growth in a good way. I am in awe of the fact that this is your first book because this book has so much depth first books don’t usually contain. Congrats on the amazingly inspiring book!!