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Holy shitballs! This duo is such a fucking pair to write together! I can't get enough and the way you can feel each word they write!! So freaking HOT!!!

Clove is this young woman who is just arm candy and has the right connections for certain people but to her security team shes much more. After something happens they take her and try to decide if they will ever bring her back. The intensity these men have can turn on any type of woman anywhere. I loved the dirty and fantasy they provide for me. Not only does the sex heat up rather quickly but the drama of the unknown had me on edge. I couldn't read this fast enough!! Sitting in my car after work during a very VERY important moment left me speechless and driving home quickly to see how things turned out. The woman Clo finally becomes is amazing to watch and while she has a moment of vulnerability with Rachel she shows she can be fierce.

I am in love with the KKinky Reads and can't wait for the next!! These woman blow me away each and every time I read a book. But not only am I swept up in the drama or kinky stuff their writing inspires me to be myself, to love myself more. Thank you ladies and DAMN.... WAY TO GO!!

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Heck yes!!!! What a way to bring in the new year!! I have read a few by Abby and she didn’t disappoint! Her words are always super hot and exhilarating to read... a little embarrassing how worked up I got while I was at work! 🤣

Eva had so much depth to her and I was overwhelmed by her strong will to not let anyone bring her down. She held her head up high when I would’ve sulked and shied away from everyone. Her character grew from beginning to end and left me inspired to not let me own crap weigh me down.

Elijah was freaking mind blowing hot!! Like panty soaked hot and I couldn’t get enough of him!! His possessiveness towards the end made me laugh at a particular part because i could feel the tension in his emotions just to wait to be near her.

I love how their story isn’t the typical and how Eva was not just the typical school girl who fell in love with her teacher and she’s a rich brat, she is so much more! I love you get to watch Elijah experience the same thing I did while getting to know Eva. My only issue would be that the epilogue wasn’t as long as I had hoped for but I’ll keep my fingers crossed to be able to see them again!!

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I love taboo so much more than I thought I would and so now that I have found these awesome taboo treats I’ve become obsessed! Ms. Webster’s amazing writing and the ability to suck you into a story is amazing overwhelmingly intoxicating. Every. Single. TIME!

Dane blew me away in more ways than most of the other taboo treats because of the dynamic of their relationship. Getting to know the man Dane and his power that he possesses, as far as in his role of a top lawyer was sexy as hell. But then you meet Nick and even as you meet him you know that you will be swept away by the man’s eyes. I loved their first encounter and will possibly be my favorite as fair as a first meetings go.

Nick is the type of man you have to get to know because you can just immediately tell he is passionate about his friends and kids. I grew super attached to him and every heartache he felt, I felt.

The amount of sexual encounters was super hot and so detailed I felt like I was in the room watching. Lol Every time a look was shared my pulse would skyrocket because I knew what was coming...
Ms. Webster you are a genius when it comes to taboo writing and I freaking love love LOVE IT!!! Please keep doing what you are doing and giving me so many taboo treats because these are the books that bring me out of my funk!! 💜💜💜 congrats!!

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Holy cow!!!

I have read some BDSM but nothing like this and this was at times a little annoying with “am I dreaming” but it was so freaking hot!!

My first read from this author and I was very disappointed when it ended!!! I feel like that could lead into another book but man oh man!!!

I haven’t read that many male on male or woman on woman but what you experience with this read was something different than what others give you. The point of view was also different for me because I’m a first person type of reader but this was 2nd person type, a little different but not bad. It took some getting use to but once I did, changed my mood VERY quickly!

I can’t wait to see what this author has to offer us in the future because this was a great read.

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