Bride (Deceit Duet, #1)

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Logan never disappoints!! I have recently become addicted to reads that involve the man making a deal to marry the woman. It’s always intense and sexy in different ways!

Clementine isn’t what you would expect and I feel like I’m missing out on so much information!!! I definitely need to know what the heck happened to her sister and why Ronin is a little obsessed with her. So many questions and this was only the first character.

Gabriel is your typical billionaire man who needs control and success. He has feelings deep inside but does whatever he can to make sure his mask is still in place!

Just when you get into this book you get the ending credits... 🤣 The perfect reason why I waited to read this book right when Groom, book 2, gets released. I’m a big fan of cliffhangers but with them releasing so close I couldn’t help wait to build up the story! Congrats Logan! Great read!!

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