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Holy moly HOT AS FUCK!

I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the book at first, to me the age difference threw me off. I thought her son was much younger than he is, therefore things we not as what I understood. After understanding the dynamic I couldn’t put this book down! I couldn’t focus at work, while driving I couldn’t wait to get to my destination so I could continue reading, I was a mess of need.

I loved how even though she is in her thirties, she’s still got it going on. Bridget is a single mom just trying to support her son and while I thought things between them would turn out wrong, I was surprised in the end. Some aspects of this story were pretty out there and not something I think would happen this author clearly knew the way to write erotica! Bridget’s “meetings” were quickly becoming my favorite and especially the one on one time with Kelsi. I had some concerns when it came to the fact that none of the boys put on protection but in the end I overlooked it for the simple fact that I started to grow attached to each character. Reaching the ending and seeing how the season played out I couldn’t help but fall more in love with this writers way of taking everything I thought was going to happen and throwing me in a different direction.

I can’t help but wonder about if these are fantasy’s or did someone actually experience some of what Bridget did and put it to paper? I have never been more turned on by a book and the fact that I also couldn’t wait for another game! I was a little naive at the beginning but by the end, along with Bridget, I was hopeful! 😏😉

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Holy cow!!!

I have read some BDSM but nothing like this and this was at times a little annoying with “am I dreaming” but it was so freaking hot!!

My first read from this author and I was very disappointed when it ended!!! I feel like that could lead into another book but man oh man!!!

I haven’t read that many male on male or woman on woman but what you experience with this read was something different than what others give you. The point of view was also different for me because I’m a first person type of reader but this was 2nd person type, a little different but not bad. It took some getting use to but once I did, changed my mood VERY quickly!

I can’t wait to see what this author has to offer us in the future because this was a great read.

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