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The build up of this story is just overwhelming. I immediately fell hardcore for Harrison during Flawed and knew that he would be an amazing character to read about, but what I didn’t expect were Scott and Hazel to grab my attention. Those two I can’t wait to read about!!!

Harrison is just the type of man I knew he would be but I didn’t expect him to act the way he eventually does. The heartbreak of seeing him on the anniversary of his parents death tore me up hardcore! But what was even more amazing was the woman beside him.

Luna is such a breath of fresh air to this group of brothers. She adds life and light, I can understand the addiction to her. The moves she has out in the field are even more addicting to watch!!! She is more of a woman who could do whatever she sets her mind to and watching her fall for this family of brothers, even if she didn’t know it, was so sexy to watch.

I wasn’t sure what to expect of his book but I loved every minute of it, getting to know Harrison so intimately and watching them on an actual mission.... so much more than I could’ve expected. I have quickly become intrigued by these brothers!!