Dearest Stalker: Part 2

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Omg!!!! I feel so on edge!! I know this whole thing is a little weird considering he’s her stalker but I can’t help but get excited about the unknown. I freaking love the writing style ms. Parker has which leaves you just wanting more and more after each chapter.

Stalker is such a mystery...on one hand I feel like I know who it is but then something small makes me believe I’m wrong. I love that he has such passion for Kate (Katie), even if it is obsessive. She doesn’t have anyone else and even though it’s a little twisted I am glad he is watching over her.

Katie does everything I think of doing and I’m sitting on the edge on my seat waiting to see what happens when the door closes!!! Like ah!!!!! I can feel the desire to know her stalker in each thought she has about him. It seems so wrong but every time it just feels right, like how it’s suppose to be.

I love this idea that Ms. Parker has to do this series!! I am just waiting eagerly to the next clue to find out who Stalker is or what is next for Katie. Congrats on this freaking killer idea!!!