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I love taboo so much more than I thought I would and so now that I have found these awesome taboo treats I’ve become obsessed! Ms. Webster’s amazing writing and the ability to suck you into a story is amazing overwhelmingly intoxicating. Every. Single. TIME!

Dane blew me away in more ways than most of the other taboo treats because of the dynamic of their relationship. Getting to know the man Dane and his power that he possesses, as far as in his role of a top lawyer was sexy as hell. But then you meet Nick and even as you meet him you know that you will be swept away by the man’s eyes. I loved their first encounter and will possibly be my favorite as fair as a first meetings go.

Nick is the type of man you have to get to know because you can just immediately tell he is passionate about his friends and kids. I grew super attached to him and every heartache he felt, I felt.

The amount of sexual encounters was super hot and so detailed I felt like I was in the room watching. Lol Every time a look was shared my pulse would skyrocket because I knew what was coming...
Ms. Webster you are a genius when it comes to taboo writing and I freaking love love LOVE IT!!! Please keep doing what you are doing and giving me so many taboo treats because these are the books that bring me out of my funk!! 💜💜💜 congrats!!

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Dearest Stalker: Part 2

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Omg!!!! I feel so on edge!! I know this whole thing is a little weird considering he’s her stalker but I can’t help but get excited about the unknown. I freaking love the writing style ms. Parker has which leaves you just wanting more and more after each chapter.

Stalker is such a mystery...on one hand I feel like I know who it is but then something small makes me believe I’m wrong. I love that he has such passion for Kate (Katie), even if it is obsessive. She doesn’t have anyone else and even though it’s a little twisted I am glad he is watching over her.

Katie does everything I think of doing and I’m sitting on the edge on my seat waiting to see what happens when the door closes!!! Like ah!!!!! I can feel the desire to know her stalker in each thought she has about him. It seems so wrong but every time it just feels right, like how it’s suppose to be.

I love this idea that Ms. Parker has to do this series!! I am just waiting eagerly to the next clue to find out who Stalker is or what is next for Katie. Congrats on this freaking killer idea!!!

Dearest Stalker: Part 1


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I freaking LOVE when new authors hit it out of the park with their first book!! I know that if they don’t it’s not the end of the world but it just shows so much growth and can inspire them to continue doing what they love!

This book is part of a four-part series that will leave you on the edge of your seat until the end!!! This was only book ONE and she freaking has me hooked... like obsessively hooked!!! Kate (Katie) is the main woman being stalked and my heart aches for all the pain this woman has endured!! She is still so young but with all the changes in her life has probably aged for twenty plus years! Some parts, to be honest, would not happen in real life. (My opinion) BUT I freaking LOVE that she went there and that it is completely different than anything I have read!! It is still hot and arousing with added twists that may leave you feeling you shouldn’t be enjoying that part.

The Stalker.... I love when you don’t know who it is because that leaves so much room to have our minds throw out our different opinions and hopes for who it could be in the end. I am so curious and a little sad we didn’t hear from him as much as I would’ve liked but this is book one so I’m on the edge of my chair!!!

Congrats Lane!!!! I am so honored to be able to have read this book and I hope that everyone gives it a chance because I feel like the end could be explosively good!!

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"Not only does she not run from my beast, but she pets it, caresses, and soothes it..." - Aeron Romanov-Reed

Are you ready to meet your next book boyfriend?

He's about to break your heart.

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5 stars is not enough!!! More like 8.5 stars!

I am so very in love with Amo’s writing it makes me feel crazy! I love how her writing just grows and grows but more importantly she still surprises the shit out of me!!! I can’t believe I get to read books like this and spread the love of these books to the world!!

Beatrice(Beat) starts off (to me) as this young inexperienced girl who is just trying to get by and live her life..... one night will change everything. I have read so many books and by far this character has the lead for growth because Beat grows more in the short amount of time than I have ever seen. Way too many things happened that made me set my phone down and take a breath because SHIT got REAL real

Manik was nothing like I ever thought he would be and I got SUPER confused a few times but that’s just because I was slow. When I realized what the fuck was happening I got super giddy and was doing that small jumping up in down in my chair (at work). Another favorite character and overall an intriguing personality that you just have to keep reading and find out what sadistic thing will happen next!!

I think I’m going to have to say it but this book has now hit my favorite book of Amo Jones!!! So many characters I just fell in love with and not just the ma n characters!! Lenny was someone I didn’t think I would see much of but I freaking LOVED him!! Oh and don’t even get me started on the amazing Kat!! 😍😍

This is going to be one hell of a release because I plan to get everyone to read the shit out of this book!! Congrats Amo!! All my love, good thoughts and good vibes being sent your way!! 💜💜

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Official website: http://www.cassidystorm.com

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Goodreads "TBR": https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41821999-awakening

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Holy cow!!!

I have read some BDSM but nothing like this and this was at times a little annoying with “am I dreaming” but it was so freaking hot!!

My first read from this author and I was very disappointed when it ended!!! I feel like that could lead into another book but man oh man!!!

I haven’t read that many male on male or woman on woman but what you experience with this read was something different than what others give you. The point of view was also different for me because I’m a first person type of reader but this was 2nd person type, a little different but not bad. It took some getting use to but once I did, changed my mood VERY quickly!

I can’t wait to see what this author has to offer us in the future because this was a great read.

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The Glue

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I think I’m becoming obsessed with K Webster and her amazing taboo books! I have weird likes and have noticed that it’s common for everyone to be into things like what is on this book! My best friend introduced me to this incredible author and Ms. Webster can freaking write so hauntingly sexy books!

From the beginning I remembered reading about Aiden in Lawn Boys and was just mesmerized by him and his innocence. Aiden may have been feeling out his feelings about his sexual preferences but he found himself in this book! Aiden is all male and dominating, which made me all tingly, and I could read about him fast enough!! But Aiden is so much more than just sexy; he’s sweet, attentive and is so much smarter than he gets credit.

Vale broke my heart for more than one reason but mainly because I knew EXACTLY how she felt about Vaughn BUT where things with her marriage were falling apart, mine grew stronger. I may not have gone the way she did but the longing for a family I understand more than most.

Ahh!! I’m in love with these characters!! I LOVE taboo and this scenario has my heart!!! I’m so excited for everyone to read this and become obsessed with this talented author!!!

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If We Fall


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I can't tell you how excited I am for everyone to read this duet!!! I love the suspense, the unknown and each character!! I honestly am shocked at some of the things that have happened and I am freaking out on the edge of my seat for the second book of this duet!!

What happens at the beginning of this book just knocked the air out of my lungs and left me speechless for a couple of hours. I wasn't sure how I was going to finish this book but at the edge of my thoughts I knew something was different and had to keep reading. I love when Josie talks about art and the depths of how she has created such graphic images from her mind. Even though I don't see it with my eyes, I picture it with my mind and even get a little scared myself.

Cole.... my heart does this up and down thing whenever he is around and each time he sees Josie I just know he understands my feelings. Despite how the town feels about him or even how Josie feels about him, my heart can't let go of the two of them happy and at the carnival. He does questionable things throughout this book and some make me question his true intentions but never does my feelings change.

I can feel this big emotion skating to the edge and I can't wait for it to rush and jump off because this one is going to have an epic ending. I have become quite the fan and I have loved every moment of Ms. Lane's writing!! This duet, plus the prequel, are all must reads and I hope you all get these feelings that I feel about her characters!

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If We Leap

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I am always nervous reading new-to-me authors and I couldn't wait to finish reading this one because this book is a prequel to a duet I will be reading soon.

I was hooked from beginning to end and even after things settled down and we were preparing for the end a bomb gets dropped and I was immediately ready for the next book.

Josie seems like the type of character that is super easy to love while Cole will have ups and downs. This novella was just a taste of what is to come from this author and I am already keyed up for more.

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Not So Nice Guy

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So many feels throughout this book!! I couldn’t put it down, even during the rough moments when I wanted to pummel Sam! This amazing author never disappoints and it’s always so refreshing to read something that turns into one of the top reads of the year!

Sam really upset me quite a few times and understanding the true Sam is what really made me keep reading because I wasn’t put in those situations. Sam made me laugh so much and her interactions with Nicolas made me snort out a laugh after every conversation. 

Ian, that hunk of a man Ian, just made me swoon the ENTIRE time during this book!!! From the beginning to end he just kept doing 

things for his best friend that made me wish and hope and beg for things to be different. But I loved their friendship and the closeness they have to one another that most people don’t have. He is 100% the man of everyone’s dreams; hot, smart, funny, caring, athletic, respectful and so much more that will make you swoon!!

I applaud you Rachel because this book was everything I needed!! I laughed, I swooned and I even got angry at not just the main characters but at some of the PTA ladies and it was just everything! I have loved everyone of your books that I have read but this one is at the top for me and I can’t wait to have a paperback copy in my collection!! Congrats on this bestseller!!

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