Release Blitz - Awakening

It's LIVE! "Awakening" is Cassidy Storm's second book. This is a darker-themed story, but it's fast-paced and a thrill ride for the reader!


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You take appraisal of your senses, beyond the feel of the rope around your arms... the steel cuffs on your ankles... You can’t see anything thanks to the blindfold, and can't speak for the ball gag secured in your mouth.

You slowly begin to realize that it’s not entirely quiet. You still your breathing to listen. In the distance, you can hear other people. Talking, some shouting... and some moaning. An occasional yelp of bliss. In other words, a couple nearby is having sex. Perhaps multiple couples. Or groups...

And now, you are singling out other sounds. A dull thwack sound, accompanied by an utterance of pain and immediately followed by a cry of “one!” Another thwack, another corresponding bellow of “two!” As you listen, you realize somebody is being spanked — probably with some sort of heavy paddle — and is being made to count the number of blows as the paddle continues to strike its fleshy target. 

As the count approaches double digits, there’s another sound, much closer. Something whistling, cutting through the air and delivering a loud, resounding CRACK! which is followed by an agonized shriek — and then repeated. Someone is being whipped. 

You wonder if you’ll be next, again thinking about how naked, helpless, and vulnerable you are at the moment. 

But who has brought you here? And why?

Again, you try to remind yourself this must be a dream, but you’re less than successful in convincing yourself. You shudder fearfully.

From nearby — very nearby — a low laugh...